These are two boys who desperately need a mama and papa to tuck them in and love them! These two have been dealt an unfair hand in life and have not had many blessings and opportunities showered on them. These two have seen so much hurt including watching 4 of their siblings be adopted . They deserve their turn and I honestly believe will thrive in the right family!

Lenya is an adorable , lovable 10 ten year old boy! He is much less mature than his age. He can innocently play side by side with his winter host family’s 2 year old. He is definitely all boy though! He loves animals and being outside! He needs consistent firm boundaries and no expectation of 10 year old behaviors.

Misha is a 14 year old boy and all boy! Trauma in his life is very real but he’s such a sweetheart to. He has a very gentle kind way with young children. He spent lots of time on the farm over Winter hosting and loved all of it! He’s not an average mature 14 year old boy in lots of ways but he’s not stranger to working hard and helping. He needs a family with a dad who can be a strong role model for him. He will probably have a hard time with respect for women because his only exposure to adults is mostly women.