Katya is such a sweet gentle soul who grabs your heart the moment you meet her.  Always smiling and very friendly, she loves to cook, to ride the bike, to play with puzzles. Arts and crafts, drawing, music, are all a joy to her.  Always ready for new experiences, from skating to roller coasters, her determination is inspiring. Loves animals and makes friends easily with younger and older kids, she’s a joy to have around. She has a 4 year old brother that is too young to be hosted at this time.

From our interview team prior to being hosted: Katya enjoys puzzles and drawing pictures of nature. Her favorite foods are porridge and cold milk. She does not like to eat soup. She has many friends and she loves to play with kids of all ages. Katya’s favorite color is red and her favorite animal is a horse. She dreams of being a hairdresser when she grows up. Katya likes to play soccer and ride a bike. This girl was all smiles during her interview.  She had such a fun energy about herself.