Karina (8)

Little Bear! We hosted this sweet girl over Christmas and fell in love with her. We would love to adopt her but feel that with our age and family situation, we cannot. I call her “my little bear” because she would growl at me when things did not go her way. She came to me terrified of dogs and became frustrated easily. We worked hard over the few weeks we had her and I can show you the pictures of her with our dogs. She would still probably do best in a home that had no dogs or an only older dog that is very mellow. She came to us starved for attention. When I ignored negative behavior and stood my ground, she would learn quickly how to get our attention with good behavior instead of negative behavior. She is full of love and hugs and kisses. I pray she finds the family willing to understand her and love her and teach her. We hope she finds her forever family. Because she so badly needs a mother and father’s attention, she will thrive best in a home with “empty nesters”, much older children, or no other children. She does seem to have delays but did progress with us in just a few weeks. Message IHC to discuss this sweetheart in depth with her winter host family. Are you her forever family?