Very sweet sisters that are waiting for a life-changing chance to come to America. They can be hosted together or separately.

Inna (12)

Inna had fun energy about herself.  Her director notes to us that she really likes to help, and is a very good cook. She also enjoys reading. Her favorite food is fruit, and she does not like to drink milk. When asked if she could buy anything in the world, her reply was new glasses. And maybe a house for her granny. Their grandma came to the case for court deprivation to participate in favor of the parental rights being deprived. She cried for her granddaughters but wants what is best for them and at 80 years old cannot care for them herself. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite animal is a dog. When she grows up she would like to be a singer. She’s not a huge fan of school but her favorite subject is computers. She enjoys trying yoga and enjoys watching soccer. She would really love the opportunity to visit the United States. She was a very sweet girl.

Vika (9)

Vika enjoys playing outside and has many friends. Her favorite game to play inside is Uno. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite color is pink. Her favorite animal is a cat. When she grows up she would like to be a Baker and make cakes and other yummy treats. She enjoys handcrafts and the director noted for us that she is the only girl in her class at school. She is surrounded by boys. Vika was a bit shy and reserved while interviewing her. We would love to see her blossom in a family.