Super sibling group with a protective big brother. They have a baby sister Sophia who is quite tiny and very shy. 

Dima (13)

Dima is about the best teen boy you could ever ask for and is by far the easiest host kid I have ever had. He loves sports cars his very favorite are mustang and BMW. I would take him to drive by the car lots, we would take pictures and he loved it! He loves to help within a week of being here he knew the words “I help” and would always ask to help. He loves all the animals we have. He enjoyed riding bikes and learning to do tricks on the bikes and scooters. He loves to go fishing and said before he moved to the orphanage he use to go fish with his grandpa. He is actually pretty good and knows how to bait the hooks and would love to spend an entire day fishing. He enjoyed swimming, watching movies and technology. He said he would like to go to school to learn to work on computers. He liked going to youth group at church and started to make a couple friends. He started out taking a gymnastics class he enjoyed but switched to the ninja class and really loved it. He has the best smile that lights up his face. He was great with my kids and I can see him being in a family with kids of any age. He of course would love to have a male role model and would really enjoy the one on one time. He loved America and would be great for any family. His English was improving fast.

Khrystyna (7)

Kristina is all girl! She loves sparkles, glitter, unicorns and anything thats girly! She loves Elsa and Anna that’s her very favorite. I took her to meet them at a Princess event and she was crying happy tears she was star struck! She loves swimming but is still learning so watch her close she has no fear and loves the big huge water slides! She loves to play dress up, and make bracelets. This little girl needs a momma that is gonna love her big! She will test the boundaries but once you are firm with the rules she for sure follow them. I think once she knows she is loved and trust you she follows the rules so much better. She is a bit scared or shy around men I think just from being at the orphanage and maybe not seeing many but she was warming up to men by the end of summer and doing much better. I really feel she will do great especially once in a forever family. She loves taking long warm showers and singing in the shower and all over the house with her Elsa microphone oh and her accent is adorable singing every word to frozen. She was learning how to ride a bike with no training wheels but didn’t get it just yet. She loves the animals but hyper dogs or ones that don’t give you space may scare her. Oh and her absolutely favorite thing maybe lipgloss! She is a beautiful little girl and So much fun! She would do great in a family with kids of any age as long as the parents do have some extra time for just her.

Baby sister Sofia