Denis likes to play soccer and enjoys being with kids around his age. His favorite food is sausage and cheese. We were surprised when he told us that he didn’t like pizza. If he had money and could buy anything he would like to buy sweets. But then he kind of pondered his answer and told us if he bought sweets then he would also need to buy a good toothbrush and toothpaste.  His favorite color is orange and his favorite animal is a lion. He might’ve had one of the most interesting answers when we asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. He told us he would like to be a clown in the circus. He likes school and reading and writing are his favorite subjects. Even though he seems to be adventurous with his aspirations of being a clown, he would prefer to watch a movie, as a roller coaster might seem a little scary. When we asked him what he knew about America he shrugged his shoulders and said “ It’s somewhere over there”. Denis giggled a lot when speaking with us. He did have some trouble focusing and was constantly looking around the room. We also noted that he would need some dental work while in America.