Danylo (8)

Danya is just so full of life. It’s literally sparkling in his big blue eyes. This boy is an athlete! He loves soccer and swimming! He literally taught himself to swim by watching the other kids. When he came here he was almost drowning and needed to wear a life vest and by the end of the summer he could swim and dive as if he was on a swim team! I will attach a video. He loves playing outside and riding his bike. He loves to play legos and anything that involves sharks. He is obsessed with shark toys, videos, figures, books. His laugh is contagious! He loves all things scooby doo and Tom and Jerry. He loves pizza with ranch and don’t even mention the word Nutella. He will go crazy ! Ha ha. He learned that ice cream was for later - after dinner - and that there is a difference in English between ice cream and SUNSCREEN. Oh he likes rollerblading too and really can pick up any sport you ask him to try. Trampolines are another favorite.