We love these freckled face brothers. They would really like to be hosted together!

Dima (13)

Dima is 13 years old and enjoys playing both indoors and outdoors. When inside he enjoys drawing and watching TV. His favorite things to do outside or running, volleyball, and soccer. When asked if he has a few friends or a lot he says he has enough friends. 🙂 His favorite thing to eat is meat! Meet at any kind. But fish is only so-so. If he could buy anything with money he would share his money with friends, and give the rest of the money to the poor. His favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is a cat. When he grows up he wants to be a military officer like his brother.  (He has a full grown adult brother that has aged out) When asked if he likes school, he got a little smirk and director noted for us that he is a good student. His favorite class is PE and he enjoys playing soccer and basketball. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s hosted in a big family or a small family. But he does think it might be fun to have kids around his age. He has never been to the United States the dreams of it and would love to go. Dima seems to be a very cute and quiet guy.

Danyl (9)

Danyl is 9 years old.  He likes to play hide and seek and has a lots of friends. His favorite foods are french fries and ice cream. He does not like to eat meat or fish of any kind. When asked if he could buy anything in the world he said he would buy his mom a good present. His director noted to us that by saying his mom, he actually means his caregiver or teacher. The mother figure in his life. His favorite color is light blue and his favorite animal is a hamster. He’s not really a big fan of school, but enjoys drawing. The director noted for us that he is a good dancer and singer. He likes to play soccer. When asked about what size family he like to be hosted in, he said a family with lots of kids. He would really like to go to the United States and be with his brother if possible.