Danil is in third grade and is eight years old. He has a sister who is four years old. He enjoys reading books and playing puzzles. He has many friends and he told us that most of his friends are his same age. We asked him what makes him awesome and he answered that he is very good at drawing. His favorite food is cake but he does not like sausage or fish. If he had money and could buy anything he would first buy ice cream and then would save the rest and think about how to spend it the best. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a rabbit.  He enjoys school very much and his favorite class at school is PE. When he grows up he would like to be a chef and cook meat and potatoes. His favorite sport is soccer and he has never traveled to America before. We noted that he was very attentive and thought and considered his answers. He listened well and was a bit shy. He answered our questions but did not offer any extra information for us. He is new to the orphanage and has only been there around two months. We do think when he’s in a home, he will come out of his shell some. As he was leaving he popped back in and waved at us and said “goodbye” with a big smile.