2020 COVID-19 Response

Though hosting didn’t happen in 2020, with the help of our supporters and our team in Ukraine we were still able to make an impact in the lives of many orphans in Ukraine.

Quarantine Supplies

We were able to send quarantine supplies such as masks, sanitizers, gloves for cleaning, cleaning supplies, puzzles and activities for kids to do indoors, and in some cases food to each of the orphanages on our program.

Care Packages

We had two large sponsorship & care package programs in 2020. For our Christmas care package program, every child on our host program was sponsored! Over 100 children received packages from a family.

Other projects

Supporters also sponsored numerous birthday parties, bought trampolines and swimming pools for orphanages, and more.

Upcoming Projects

Our hope and prayer is that hosting will happen during 2021. However, no matter what 2021 entails we have more special outreaches planned for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more information about mission trips, birthday party sponsorships, care packages, and our HUGE focus: the implementation of our Aged Out Orphan Support Program.

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