We loved these two when we met them in the spring and again when we talked to them this fall! They are great candidates for hosting and adoption. They seem to be siblings that love each other. Great kids!

Galena was very fun and personable. Galena likes to play with dolls and draw. Her favorite foods include cherry filled dumplings, soup, but no meat in the soup and french fries. She enjoys playing with children her age or even younger. She says she has just a few friends and she likes to play with dolls and draw. Her favorite color is red and she loves cats. She’s not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Her favorite classes at school or reading and she enjoys reading. She would love to come to the United States but would like to stay with her brother if possible. We noted Galena was not shy and she spoke with confidence. She has beautiful brown eyes and had good contact. We really love this girl and her brother.

Bogdon oves to go fishing and play outside. He has many friends and most of his friends are older than he is. Bogdon says that if he is rich, he will eat chicken, hotdogs, and hamburgers. But if he is poor, he will eat potatoes. If he had a lot of money and could buy anything he would buy a house, a car, and nice furniture. His favorite color is blue and he likes cats and dogs. When he grows up he would like to be a professional soccer player. When asked if he liked school he said yes because of his friends. His favorite subjects are PE and math. Bogdon likes to play soccer, tennis, and volleyball. He says he would like to be in a family with any age kids. He is just excited to come to America. When asked what he was excited about for America he said he knows America has a lot of restaurants. He also mentioned he knew it had a Disney as well. He was really cute because he was one of the few that had questions for us. He was very engaging with us and says that he would love to ride a roller coaster. He was very talkative and confident.