Sasha (11)

Sasha loves cats and dogs. His favorite colors are yellow and blue. Sasha loves to eat pizza and he also loves to cook. His favorite sports are tennis and soccer. Like his brother, he wants to see the sea in the USA. Sasha likes to watch Spider Man, Hulk, and other action movies. He also plays checkers. Sasha has many friends. When asked what he would do if he were given a huge amount of money, he said he would give half to his orphanage director and the other half to his friends.

Artur (12)

These brothers are very friendly and sweet. Artur’s favorite color is dark blue his favorite animal is a leopard. In the future, he dreams of being a truck driver. Artur loves the idea of traveling. He is active and his favorite sports are tennis and soccer. In the USA,  Artur wants to see the ocean most of all. When he has a free time he likes to take a nap or play checkers. He is very friendly and has many friends.