Artur (8)

Artur is a quiet, happy kid. During the day or while playing games, he will get bored and likes to switch activities. Artur does not like conflicts with other kids. In the group likes to play with kids. Needs rules and structure,  may not like to listen from the first try. Likes to eat fruit, all ukrainian food.  He and his brother Dmytro (Dima) just got to the orphanage, in the past month so we do not have tons of information on them. But caregivers were watching boys and made some  notes for us.

Dima (7)

Dima is active, smiling and happy with life,. He is very playful and curious. Also gets distracted easily. Dima mostly like to play with his brother and not so much with another kids in the group. But it may be because boys just got to the orphanage and have not met many friends yet.

The brothers also have a 3 & 5 year old sister and brother that are too young to be hosted. Pictured below.