From their winter host family:

“Artem and Vlad need to be hosted this summer.🙂 They are nothing but jewels. Our ONLY stress with Vlad was that he got bored and went crazy in our tiny house. He would thrive in a family that would have a kid around his age or a large property to explore. Both boys were such a breeze this winter. Our future with these boys would only be to host, simply because of the age difference between Vlad and us….. We don’t want to hinder him from finding his forever family. I can’t say enough good about these boys. If anyone is interested I will gladly calm all fears of hosting this teenager. I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions please ask.”

From our interview team:

“We really liked these two brothers. The oldest one made great eye contact and spoke well. Seem to be a sweet boy. Little brother is a little bit more soft-spoken and shy and it seems big brother watches out for him. When Vlad left the room, he was one of the few that actually turned around and told us thank you. We would love to see these siblings get hosted and find a forever family.”





From his host family: Vlad is a respectful, talented, and smart teenager. We were shocked at how mature he was! He was so gentle with our 1 year old. He watched out for him and warned me of any danger that he might get into. He is super friendly, he made friends so quickly with the boys his age at church. He talked about his friends back in Ukraine and I got the vibe that he is pretty popular. He loves sports, he is athletic and eager to try any new sport. His passion is soccer and he won awards at school for being a good goal keeper. He wants to be a professional gamer when he grows up. And he honestly is really good at video games. We visited a theme park and he rode roller coaster after roller coaster. He is adventures and is always ready for the next thing. He talked very openly about his life in Ukraine, he shared many details. My favorite memory of Vlad is when we would drive in the car he would turn on google translate and say “Mom lets talk”! The only stress with Vlad was that he got bored in our tiny house, and he missed his friends. He was so gracious with me and Chris as we figured out how to treat him, and parent a teenager. He loves hot chocolate, hot dogs, and french fries but, he dislikes red beets.

From our interviewer: Vlad likes to play outside with his friends. If he can’t play outside he enjoys playing Minecraft. He is very outgoing and friendly. He likes to eat borscht, fries, salad, and fish. If he had money and could buy anything with it, he says he would plan a future for himself. (GREAT ANSWER) His favorite color is light blue and his favorite animal is a cat. He dreams of being a fireman when he grows up. He enjoys school and his favorite subject is PE. His favorite sport is volleyball. He says it doesn’t matter what size or age of children in a family. He would just LOVE a chance to come to America. Vlad is very tall for his age.



From his winter host family: Artem is so gentle and calm. He would cuddle with our baby, make him laugh, help him walk. And whenever Silas would cry Artem almost would too. He is shy UNTIL known, but he is so adventurous like Vlad. Artem is very smart. He picked up on so much English! He seems to really enjoy school. He taught himself how to ride bike while here this winter. He is a happy kid! We had no stress with Artem.

From our interviewer: Artem  prefers to play outside, and likes writing and drawing. His favorite foods are pizza, French fries and ice cream.   He enjoys playing with kids his age or younger. When inside he likes to play with Legos. His favorite color is red and his favorite animal is a cat. Like his big brother, he dreams of being a policeman when he grows up. He says he thinks it would be fun to be hosted in a family with a lot of kids. A big family.