Andrii (11)

Andrii likes to play with remote control cars and enjoys games that involve a ball. His favorite color is dark blue and his favorite animals are dogs and horses. When he grows up he would like to be a policeman or in the military. He does not really enjoy school but his favorite classes or PE and computers. His favorite sports are soccer and martial arts. He likes to eat force and porridge. He noted for us that he does not like apple juice. If he had money, he would buy food for his family, clothes, and a baby bed for his older sister’s baby.  Andrii would very much benefit from seeing a good dentist.   

Vadym (9)

Vadym has a sense of responsibility for his younger sister. He was very attentive to her making sure that she was situated and OK. He enjoys playing with cars and soccer. His favorite subject in school is math. He’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. His favorite color is dark blue and his favorite animal is a hamster. He enjoys eating soup and porridge. If he got the opportunity to come to America, he thinks it would be fun to ride a roller coaster. He’s not for sure though as it looks a little scary.

Vika (6)

Vika is too young to be hosted at this time. We observed that she does seem to have some delays.