I absolutely adored this set of sisters. Albina, the older one might have been my favorite team girl I interviewed. They do have two more sisters, and two more brothers. However they are all 21 and older. Their mom passed away one year ago and they were living with their granny. About one month ago, they were sent to the orphanage.  The director noted to us that she has received nothing but praises from the girls teachers and other students. She says they are already very much loved. 

Albina (14)

Albina was a little quiet and shy, but answered our questions thoroughly. She has a deep sense of responsibility for her younger sister, and is very affectionate towards her. When we asked her what she like to do with her friends, she said go to the disco. The director confirmed for us at the disco is there at the orphanage. The director noted to us that she is a very good dancer, singer, an artist, however, she shared with us that after her mom passed away, she has little interest in doing the things that she loves. She has many friends, and enjoys being with younger children, especially babies. If she had money and could buy anything in the world she would get an apartment, and go to college, and study to become a chef. She would be wise with the money to not have future financial problems. Her favorite color is black and her favorite animal is a rabbit. She enjoys eating junk food, like chips and sweets but does not like onions. her favorite subjects in school are Ukrainian language and literature. She shared with us that she really enjoys taking test to see what knowledge she has gained. She has never been hosted and would love the opportunity to spend time in America and with a family.

Violeta (11)

She goes by the nickname Vieta. Vita enjoys drawing people in houses. She says it’s a special treat when she gets to paint. She has many friends, intends to hang out with children younger than herself. Her favorite colors are black and brown and her favorite animals are dogs and cats. When she grows up she would like to be a masseuse. If she had money and could buy anything in the world, she would buy a big house, pets, some food, and go shopping for a nice dress. She does not like to eat onions and enjoys eating sushi. Her favorite subject in school is math, and her favorite thing to do in PE is jump rope.  She has never been hosted, and would love the opportunity to come to America. If possible, she’d like to be in the same family as her sister.