What a special boy! We first met Ahmed several years ago and he caught our hearts then as well. We would love to see Ahmed hosted for winter and find a forever home. This huge smile on his face never left for the entire interview. He just smiled and smiled. He has good English skills and has helped interpret for families at the orphanage before. We really enjoyed talking with him and want to advocate for him before he turns 16 next spring.


We love this boy!

He prefers to play outdoors but when inside enjoys watching TV and playing Uno. He is very friendly and has lots of friends. His favorite food and pizza. When asked if he could buy anything in the world he said he would buy a house, good food, clothes, and set up a good teacher for himself. His favorite color is green and his favorite animal is a dog.


Such a great kid!

When he grows up he would like to be a construction worker. He  would like to build houses. When asked if he likes school he replied “so so”. His favorite classes are PE, computers, and gymnastics. His favorite sport is soccer. It does not matter to him what size family he’s hosted in. He has been on a host program one time before and he said the highlights of being in America with learning to ride a bike, being in a family, and swimming. This boy knows some English and enjoyed answering when he could in English.