This sibling group is a total of seven children. Oldest brother is 12, sister nine, brother eight, twin sisters six, & a four year old sister and one year old brother that are at a baby orphanage.  Director noted for us that if a family was interested in adoption the two youngest at the baby orphanage could be split from sibling group. Director also noted that it is fine for them to be separated for hosting.

Director talk to us about how unfortunate and sad these children’s background has been. She said it took way too long to deprive parental rights and they were left and are in a home without care for too long.  They are new to the orphanage.



Vadym (12)

Vadym is the oldest of a sibling group of seven. The younger two are at a baby orphanage.  We would love to see him hosted in a home where he could just be a kid. All of his siblings have been chosen for hosting. He alone waits for his family.  The team has many friends and enjoys playing hide and seek. If he was given $1 million, he would buy a phone and buy gifts for his friends and siblings. His favorite color is dark blue and his favorite animal is a lobster. When he grows up he would love to be a pilot. He dreams of being able to fly on an airplane someday. His favorite subjects at school or algebra and geometry. He enjoys running, skateboarding, ice-skating, and swimming. If he had the choice between a roller coaster or a movie, hands-down he would choose roller coaster. When we asked what he would like to do in America, he said he would love to just see everything interesting. 

All other siblings are hosted.

Nastya (9)

Nastya enjoys playing with dolls and making new friends. She told us most of her friends are a little bit younger than her. Her favorite foods are pizza, cookies, ice cream, salad, and fruit. She said she does not like to eat soup with meat or fish. If she was given money to buy anything in the world she would buy a car. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is a cat.  When she grows up, she dreams of being a teacher. Her favorite subject in school for math and drawing. She noted for us that she enjoys drawing pictures of nature. She’s not really a sporty girl. When asked what type family she would like to be in she shrugged her shoulders and said she really didn’t know maybe a smaller one? Nastia was pretty quiet when interviewing her.  We noted that she has a lazy eye and would benefit from seeing an eye doctor in the United States.

Dima (8)

Dima enjoys playing outside but also enjoys reading books and putting together puzzles. He’s a friendly little guy with lots of friends. His favorite food is salad. He does not like fish soup. If he had money and could buy anything in the world he would buy a car, specifically a Mercedes-Benz. His favorite color is blue and when he grows up he would like to be a policeman. He enjoys school and his favorite subject is math. His favorite sport is soccer. When asked about what type family he like to be hosted in, he said maybe a small family. But it didn’t matter to him, he would just love a chance to come to the United States. One thing we loved about Dima a was when he walked in the room he greeted us, asked us how we were, and sat down with a big smile. His personality was cute and engaging.

Yulianna (6)

Yulianna has a twin sister Anna. She is very much the dominant twin, and often answered for her sister. She was very vocal and had a seriousness about her. We noticed a slight speech delay, but the director noted for us that this was due to the lack of care in their early years. Yulianna enjoys drawing and writing. She has many friends and enjoys playing soccer. Her favorite things to eat are tomatoes. When asked if she could buy anything in the world, she said candy. Her favorite colors are red and pink. Her favorite animals are monkeys and dogs. She enjoys school. When I asked what she thinks would be fun to go to in America, she said she’d like to go to the zoo and see a real monkey.

Anna (6)

Anna is quieter than her twin sister Yulianna. She has a few good friends. Anna noted for as many of her friends are younger than she is. She likes to eat sausage, pasta, and tomatoes. When asked if she had money you could buy anything in the world she said lollipops in gold coins. Her favorite colors are orange and brown. Her favorite animals are monkeys and bears. She dreams of going to a zoo someday to see a real monkey and bear. When she grows up she would like to be a caregiver at her orphanage. When asked about school she said she doesn’t really like it, but it’s still new to her. She said the hardest part of school is that they have to go by car there and she gets carsick. She enjoys playing with dolls and would love to have a doll of her own. Anna seemed laid-back to us and showed her silly side.