Only the youngest three can be hosted this summer. They can be hosted together or separate. 

Yura (11)

Yura enjoys playing video games on a cell phone or a computer. His favorite subject in school are physical education and math. If he was given $1 million, he would buy a house, food, clothes, and a car. When he grows up he would like to be a soccer player. His favorite thing to eat our grapes and apples. His favorite animal is a panda. He has never seen a real panda and if he gets the chance to come to America, would love to go to the zoo. We noticed that Yura was a very responsible young man. The assistant director asked him for assistance and help twice while we were there.

Anya (10)

Anya enjoys playing soccer and wants to be a chef when she grows up. She would love to learn more cooking skills with her host family. Your favorite food is french fries and her favorite animal is a dog. She enjoys school and her favorite subject is math. In her free time she enjoys watching movies. When we asked Anya if she would rather ride a roller coaster or watch a movie, it was a quick answer of roller coaster. Like her siblings, if she had money, she would buy a home and a bed. We asked her what she would like to do or see when she comes to America. She laughed and said I want to see the whole country. So who’s going on a road trip this summer?  This girl was full of personality and we think she would be fun to host.

Tanya (9)

Tanya is the youngest sibling of a group of five. She enjoys drawing and playing with her friends. When we asked her if she had money what would she buy, she couldn’t even give us an answer. She couldn’t imagine ever having money and had never thought about what she might would buy. Her favorite color is violet and her favorite animal is a dog. She told us that she is a good eater but does not like to eat fish. Tanya‘s favorite class in school his physical education. She especially enjoys gymnastics. The idea of riding a roller coaster sounded scary to her. She would rather watch a movie. Tanya has a quiet disposition about her and was a little shy with us. But she did like that when she told us that she dreams are going to Disneyland. One thing we noted about her was that she has a lazy eye. It would be wonderful if her host family could ale her to an eye doctor.

Misha (14)

Misha really enjoy listening to music and his free time. He was probably the quietest of the sibling group of five. He does enjoy soccer and his favorite subject in school is physical education. His favorite animal is a cat and his favorite food to eat his pasta. He too would enjoy getting the opportunity to ride a roller coaster. Misha we need a family that could be patient with him and give him time to warm up. It takes him a while to trust and he has a quiet spirit about him.