The sibling group is available for adoption now. Director would love to see the boys hosted together in the same home. All boys made great eye contact when interviewing, and try to speak English. They have been hosted before and we do have at least one host mom that would be HAPPY to talk to any interested families about them. Note from her: “They truly are the most perfect boys! They blended with our family seamlessly. I know there has to be a family for them, and I can share any more photos or videos or talk to anyone that has any questions. If I were younger and had more energy for the littlest one, we would of pursued adopting them. They also both went to the dentist last summer and got their teeth cleaned. Their teeth looked great. They have beautiful smiles. I know the little one had to have a ton of dental work done the time he was hosted 2 summers ago.”

Vanya (13)

He enjoys playing with Legos and video games, especially Minecraft. His favorite food to eat are potatoes. He gets along and plays well with children of all ages. His favorite animal is a dog and his favorite color is green. When he grows up he would like to be a chef. His favorite thing to do at school is to create handcrafts. His favorite sports are volleyball and he enjoys watching soccer. If possible, the director would love to have his eyes checked while in the United States.

Note from former host mom: Vanya doesn’t really like sports at all. He is not an outdoor kid. He really put forth effort to join in and connect even though you can tell his personality is more introverted. Danya is more playful and outgoing type personality. Him and Danya both liked watching cartoons and Vanya enjoyed movies more than Danya. I think because Vanya knows a lot more English and we had zero problems communicating with him. He would often be the one to relay to Danya if he didn’t understand us.

Danya (12)

Danya enjoys putting together puzzles and playing with Legos. He enjoys hanging out with kids of all ages. His favorite food is potatoes, and he does not like broccoli. His favorite animal is a panda and his favorite color is black. When he grows up he would like to become a chef. His favorite subject in school is physical education and his favorite sport is volleyball. Danil would love to go swimming if hosted this summer.

Note from former host mom: Danya very much showed initiative to learn more English and wanted to understand on his own. Both boys are super smart! They are polite with always saying thank you and please.

Their favorite food was pepperoni pizza and both boys love macaroni and cheese. They love sour cream and onion chips, French fries and chicken nuggets. They wouldn’t eat mashed potatoes or any potato that wasn’t a French fry. Danya like more variety of foods. They do not like any kind of green vegetables at all.

Serhi (9)

Serhi enjoys playing with Legos, puzzles, and cars. He enjoys playing with kids of all ages, but especially likes younger children. His favorite foods are potatoes and soup His favorite color is red and his favorite animal is a bear. When he grows up he would like to become a fireman. Serhi gets lots of attention from the local firemen when they come to visit. He enjoys school and his favorite subjects are math in writing. His favorite sports are soccer and gymnastics. The director noted for us that he is the best helper in the school. His caregiver agreed. If he gets the opportunity to come to America he would love to go swimming.