Since winter hosting was cancelled per Ukraine regulations, we are offering both host families and non-host families the option to send a Christmas care package to any child from our program.

If mailing a package to IHC, please send it in a bubble mailer (preferable) with the maximum size of 14.25 inches x 18.5 inches. These can be found at The Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart. We recommend sending a small Christmas gift, gloves, hat, fuzzy/fun socks, a sweatshirt or sweater, small hygiene items and treats/candy that will not be crushed or melt. We also ask that include a $10 donation to IHC (or donate online) to help cover the cost of shipping the packages to Ukraine.

Please do not mail any electronics, liquids, or batteries.

We will have a separate outreach for coats and socks coming soon. If you are a host parent, you will have the opportunity to purchase a coat for your child.

Deadline to receive packages is October 17th.

SPONSOR A CHRISTMAS CARE PACKAGE: IHC would be happy to purchase items for care packages. You can sponsor a care package for a $50, tax deductible donation and have IHC purchase the items. $50 will cover the cost one care package for an orphan.
Donate here:

Sign up here:

Mail packages to: International Host Connection 820 Kings View Drive Prosper, TX 75078.

Katya (11)

Katya is such a sweet gentle soul who grabs your heart the moment you meet her.  Always smiling and very friendly, she did great with her winter host family. Katya came back from hosting and she was sharing with all kids and caregivers what has happened to her during hosting. She says she got a family, learned how to be a loved child and how a mom and dad can put kids first and do not drink  MORE HERE!

Karina (8)

Absolutely precious girl that would thrive as the youngest child or only child! MORE HERE! 

Vitalik (14)

This guy absolutely stole my heart. When he first came in I was not impressed with him. But as we spoke to him, the tough guy disappeared and he showed us some of his heart. MORE HERE

Valentina (15)

Valentina knows that she is almost too old for adoption. She was previously hosted with her brother and he struggled for hosting. Their director wants to give Valentina the best chance to find a family so she will be available for hosting and adoption alone. MORE HERE

Nastya (15)

Nastya is a beautiful girl inside and out. We talked to her about what type of kids she enjoys being around. She said she likes to hang out with kids around her same age. But her smile grew even bigger when she talked about how much she enjoys being around younger children and helping them. MORE HERE

Nikita (8) & Valera (10)

Our overall impression of them is that they were pretty precious. They had good eye contact and very expressive when talking with us. We really love these boys. They have a 16 year old sister. MORE HERE

Nastya (15)


Anastasiia (11) Genya (14) Grygoriy (12)

Albina (15) & Violeta (12)

Anastasia (10) Her siblings are Dima, Vadym, Anna & Yuliana

Vlad (14) & Artem (8)

Luda (15)

Luda has a very sad story and she is yearning for a family of her own. More here.

The Twins Anna & Yulia (8) Part of sibling set of 7

The Twins Anna & Yulia (8) Part of sibling set of 7

Max (15) and 5 year old brother.

They also have another brother-Andriy (10)

Yulia (15) Her brother is Misha (14)

Vlad (12)

An absolute sweetheart. More here. 

Stas (special needs) (8)

Has many medical issues. More here.

Sasha (11)

Another sweetheart with mild delays. More here!

Olesya (16)

Overlooked many times. This sweet girl has mild delays and will turn 16 before Christmas. MORE HERE

Viktor (13)

Viktor (13)

Roksalana (7) Her brother is Valentyn (12) & Sister is Zoryana (9)

Sergiy (13) His brothers are Misha & Vitaliy

Vitaliy (11) His brothers are Misha & Sergiy

Sasha (10) Diana (8) Ilona (6)

Also have a 5 year old sister-Yana

Dima (12)

He also has two sisters- Kristina (6) & Sofia (2)

Viktor (12)




HOLD WY Hanna (7)

Anya was such a joy to meet. She was so excited to come and talk with us. MORE HERE!

HOLD Hanna (8)

Anya was all smiles. She came in with a big smile and was so friendly and that smile never left her face. MORE HERE!

HOLD OH! $1000 GRANT! Sergiy (10) Host Only!

Sergiy was hosted last summer and would really love to come to America and be with a family again. MORE HERE




ON HOLD! Sasha (9)

Sasha is a petite and sweet girl. She would love a big family. MORE HERE! 

HOLD MA Bogdon (11) & Galina (9)

Love these two siblings so much! Very special kids! MORE HERE!

Rehost Lenya

Hosted TX






HOLD TX Milana (13) & Yana (10)

Host only. We love these sisters. Very big hearts and loving towards one another. Can be hosted together or apart. MORE HERE!!