This is one special little guy who stole the show.  He is full of personality, and after his interview continually found reasons to come back to check on us.  Roman is fascinated with cell phones. Wants to see everyone’s phone and will tell you if it’s a good one or not. He enjoys playing games on cell phones and also enjoys playing Legos. He has a lot of friends and enjoys playing with kids of all ages. If he had money and could buy anything he would buy a car and a big house and have a family. His favorite food is pizza with pepperoni. His favorite color is orange and his favorite animal is a hedgehog. When he grows up he would like to be a policeman. He has never been hosted and would love to come to America and see all the cars. A cute story the director told us about Roman is his past birthday, he organized his own birthday party by going into town and letting all the business owners know his birthday was coming up. The director said throughout the day gifts continue to arrive for Roman, a cake, toys, food.  The whole town has come around this boy as he was recently knocked over by a dog and bit on his face. He spent 10 days in the hospital with our members and then the newspapers. We asked him if he was afraid of dogs now and he said no and would be ok if his family had a dog.