Yulia (14)

Yulia is 14 years old and dreams of being a hairdresser when she grows up. She prefers to hang out with a few friends and enjoys friends of all ages. Her favorite class is English and she would love the opportunity to come to America and learn and practice her English. She enjoys soccer, but not playing it, just watching it. She likes to play tennis. Her favorite food is pasta. And her favorite color is red and her favorite animal is a dog. She would love to go to a movie.  Yulia was soft-spoken and has a very sweet demeanor about her.

Misha (13)

Misha is a  huge sports lover who enjoys playing soccer. He likes to place the striker position best. He was very kind, polite and respectful during his interview. His favorite color is light green and his favorite animal is a cat. When he grows up, like many young boys, he dreams of being a professional athlete. A soccer player. He enjoys eating potatoes, any kind of potatoes. He would like to go to a movie when he’s in America.