Host Director Note: I first met these brothers more than 4 years ago. They were active little boys that loved race car video games. They seem to have been beat down by life in the years that have followed that first meeting.

Misha (14)

Misha is a sporty guy who enjoys playing soccer with his friends. His favorite position to play his striker. He also enjoys playing video games but does not care so much for reading. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a hedgehog. If he had money and could buy anything he would buy a house and a car and then save money for his future. He wants his host family to know he likes all American food, especially steak. But, he does not like broccoli. When he grows up he would like to be an engineer and build buildings. He enjoys playing games with his friends and wants to ride a roller coaster. He has previously been hosted in the United States. We asked him what his favorite memory was about hosting and he shared that he has a winter birthday and that the family gave him a birthday party, celebrated his birthday and took him to the waterpark. This boy was very sweet and was conversational. Our translator could even tease with him back-and-forth and he seemed to enjoy it.

Serhii (12)

Serhii enjoys riding his bike and watching TV. He has many friends and enjoys just hanging out with them. His favorite food is pizza and surprisingly he does not like potatoes. If he had money and could buy anything in the world he would buy a house to share with his brothers. His favorite color is red and his favorite animal is a dog. He has not thought much about his future as to what he wants to be when he grows up. His favorite class at school is PE and he is currently in training for boxing. He’s been hosted once in the United States and his favorite memory was going to a waterpark with the family.  This is one boy who needs the love of a family to help bring that smile to his face.

Vitalik (10)

This is the only expression we could get from the Vitalik. Life has been hard on him and he had no smile to give us. However he did graciously answer our questions and dreams of a family. Vitalik enjoys playing video games, Legos, and likes to ride a bike. His two best friends are his brothers. His favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is a dog. If he was given money to spend, he would buy a telephone. If he was given money and he was older, he would spend the money on his family. He is not a picky eater, pretty much eats everything but especially likes potatoes. His favorite subjects in school are math and art. He enjoys drawing and doing crafts. His favorite sport is boxing but he prefers to watch it on TV. He’s been hosted one time previously and enjoyed his time in America. I asked him what was the best part of being in America in the family and he said playing with their dog was the best.