Thank you for Supporting IHC in our mission to bridge the gap between orphans and families.  Your Gift Matters and can truly change a life!

Your hosting donations pay for travel, insurance, visas and chaperones. Your recurring and one time donations allow us to offer “host grants” for sets of siblings, older children and children with special needs, who otherwise would not be hosted. Each donation of any size truly makes the difference for many children being able to participate in the host program.

Host Families:  Donations can be sent by check to 820 Kings View Dr Prosper TX. 75078 or by paying at the link HERE!

We know that we can’t save all of the millions of orphans in the world, but with your help we KNOW we can always help ONE more! Your donations allow us to apply your gift to our critical needs, including:

GRANTS: We wish hosting could be free, but unfortunately there are real costs to managing and transporting children around the world. Funding IHC Grants is what makes it possible for many host family’s to participate in our program by offsetting some of the program costs. A gift of $2,850 funds a full grant for one child, ensuring they get a chance to enjoy a life-changing experience. Any donation amount toward a grant is appreciated!

Adoption Sponsorship: We’re not an adoption agency, but we like to support families once they begin the adoption process, which can be very expensive.

Other Expenses: Your donations are also used to pay for orphanage needs, upcoming interview trips and various operating expenses.

Donate By Check: If you prefer to mail a check, please mail to International Host Connection 820 Kings View Dr Prosper TX. 75078.

If giving to a specific child, family or cause, please note this in the memo section. Also please include your email address as this is where your donation receipt will be sent to you upon processing your gift.

Individual donations $50 or more and yearly donations totaling $250 or more will receive a tax-deductible receipt