Super sibling group with a protective big brother. Kristina was all smiles during her interview. Dima is a big brother to them and keeps them in line.  And little Sophia is quite tiny and very shy. 

Dima (13)

We would love for Dima to be hosted and to be in a family where he can be a kid. He has been a great caregiver for his two little sisters. Dima’s favorite colors are red and black. His favorite animal is a cat and his favorite class in school is history. His favorite sport is gymnastics. He told us he pretty much likes to eat anything. When we asked him what he would buy if he had money, he told us he would buy whatever supplies he would need for his future profession and then put the rest in the bank. His answer showed us that even at 13 he is trying to be a provider for his sisters. When he grows up he would like to repair electronics. Dima does not like to be alone in a room.  And his host family, it might be best for him to share a room with a host brother.

Khrystyna (7)

Khrystyna is absolutely as cute as she looks. If she had money, she would buy lots of ice cream. Khrystyna enjoys drawing and playing with dolls. She enjoys eating borscht but does not care for fish soup. Her favorite colors are red and blue and her favorite animal is a squirrel. Khrystyna enjoys watching cartoons and went outside she likes to run. She has no favorite subject in school, because she has not started school yet. Khrystyna expressed to us that she is afraid of wolves. If her host family has a large dog, it might take her some time to adjust to it.  This little girl is full of smiles and is sure to bring you plenty of smiles too.