These brothers have a close bond. Artur has a cleft palate and has some trouble speaking. They have been on our list several times but have not yet been chosen. Only Artur can come for hosting this summer. It would be very beneficial to have his cleft palate checked in America. 




Artur is closely bonded with his big brother. He likes to draw and his favorite subject in school is math. His favorite color is blue. Artur has a cleft palette so did not speak a whole lot with us. He is very aware that his speech is difficult to understand and relies on his big brother to help him. He did express to us that he is afraid of heights. If he gets the opportunity to travel to America, he wants to go everywhere and see everything.

From last year’s interview: Artur prefers to play outside but when inside likes to play with Legos. He has a few friends, and he likes school. His favorite foods are…. well all the foods. But if he had to eat one thing the rest of his life it would be hot dogs. 🙂 If he had money and could buy anything it would be food in the house. (This is probably due to early malnutrition and worry about food from a young age) His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a hedgehog. His favorite subject in school is drawing and he enjoys running. He thinks it would be fun to be in a big family. When America he would love to learn to ride a bike.  He has a cleft palette, therefore is difficult to understand and he uses very short sentences or words.



Artem  enjoys playing video games on a telephone. When we asked him if he prefers to play with younger or older children, he said age didn’t matter but he prefers for them to be taller than him. He enjoys going to school because his friends are there and his favorite subjects are art and physical education. He enjoys playing volleyball and soccer.  If Artem was given $1 million, he would buy a big house, a car, and would pay for surgery for his brother so he could speak better.  This kid has a big heart for his little brother. If he gets to visit America he couldn’t decide what he would like to do most. He would love to go to a beach, amusement parks, and the zoo. He dreams of riding a roller coaster. His favorite foods are pizza, hotdogs, and french fries. His favorite color is red and his favorite animal is a dog.

From last years interview: Artem enjoys playing with Legos but likes to play outside better. He has a lot of friends and enjoys playing with kids of all ages. His favorite foods are bananas, dumplings, and soda. When asked if he had money what would he buy, he said a car, food, and a house. His favorite color is black and he likes dogs. When he grows up he would like to be a pilot. In school his favorite subjects are drawing and PE. He likes to play soccer. When asked what type family he’d like to be and he said a family with a lot of kids. Older kids are good too he says.