We started out as four close friends with a heart and passion for the country of Ukraine and for hosting orphans. Each of us has traveled to Ukraine, together and separately, all with the same goal of enriching and investing in the lives of orphaned children. We have all hosted and adopted, or are in process of adopting, orphaned children from Ukraine. Through the knowledge that we have gained, the relationships we have made (with children, orphanage directors, and facilitators) we started International Host Connection.


We aim to reach beyond a short vacation for these amazing children and to make a lasting impact on their lives. Some of these children have never had, or were too little to remember, a normal family life. Hosting can change that! Hosting shows them what a loving family is all about and what it is like to be loved and cared for without conditions. The children learn English and are introduced to a new culture. Through hosting we endeavor to change the trajectory of their future.


Along with our orphan host programs, we have a heart for the children left behind in the orphanages. Various outreach opportunities exist, such as child sponsorship programs, orphanage donations (such as linens, rugs, appliances, clothing, sporting equipment, and shoes. Contact us for our winter donation needs! 


  • Jo Muñoz President and Founder
  • Tasha Bradley Treasurer and Co-Founder
  • Sherrie Albritton Family Liaison and Co-Founder
  • Roger Whan Family Liaison
  • Miriam Yoder Family Liasion